10 Fashion Faux Pas that can be easily avoided by Plus Size Women
06 Mar
Hiya Ladies! So when my alarm woke me up with the words ‘Wake Up Beautiful’, I went down memory lane to explore how I started off to change things for myself; day after day thinking it to be a nightmare to try and look fashionable every single damn day. My goodness, now that almost feels like a very far off memory. I started with developing a few rules so that pretty me could buy clothes and style it according to my body shape.Read More
My B-Day Style Summary
03 Mar

My B-Day Style Summary


And my Birthday comes to a sweet end…


I woke up the next morning with the faint smell of the day of love still on me. But first. DRESSES! Yes, you heard that right, dresses make my day! We all deserve the best of what life has to offer and why settle for one when I can get TWO? Besides, my order exceeded Rs. 2000 and I got a 15% discount! Could it be any better? Total JACKPOT!

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Diary of a Plus-Size Shopaholic Woman
20 Nov

Hello all you beautiful ladies out there!


This is my introductory blog, a blog, where I am about to pour my heart out…


Like most of us, I’ve grown up cursing my flabs, looking for my non-existent thigh gap and hissing at my reflection every time I saw it in the mirror. Initially it was nothing but an obsession with the ‘ideal’ body image which eventually turned to self-loathe and a persistent feeling of being a misfit because of my XXL size. Until one day I decided I’m not going to sacrifice my self-worth for what a bunch of photo shopped models on the cover of glossy magazines or Regina-George wannabees tell me.


Regina George Mean Girls


Thus began my journey of empowering plus size women. It’s high time we accept that our obsession with smaller sizes is as insignificant as the closed eye selfie that we always delete.


Just take a moment and give it a thought…


Why should we give the power toanyone but ourselves to decide what clothes we should wear? Hourglass, pear-shaped or full-figured…it doesn’t matter! Fashion is for everyone. Fashion is so much more dynamic than a number on a scale.


You need to be proud of who you are and not diss yourself for how others see you. This movement is not just about plus size fashion, it is also about body-positivity and learning to love those sexy curves.


Plus Size Woman Admiring Herself


You don’t need to be skinny to wear that black skater dress that you have been eyeing for so long. Just get the damn dress and wear it like it was meant for you. There’s no reason for you or to be ashamed in your skin. You are born into one skin. You can scar it, stretch it, tan it, peel it. But you will always be in it, so you might as well learn to love it.


Ladies, next time someone tells you are too pretty for a big girl, just tell the person big or not, you’re pretty and that’s where the compliment should end.


Plus Size Ladies


For more updates, stay tuned to my page and in return I promise to make you fall in love with the wonderful woman you see in the mirror every day.



Miss Afamado



Dress to impress and be boldly beautiful
13 Oct

The moment you think about dressing up, either you feel good about ourselves or you feel a bit awkward, when you don’t get the right clothes you want. Dressing up is an art and you should always feel good about it, and then you begin the search for the clothes of our choice. In that event, you think of the color, textures, and most of all the size.

There are plenty of options to choose from with the trending fashion and you are just one step away from imprinting your own style statement. No matter what the occasion is there’s no reason to stop looking good. Despite the fact that it was very hard to get a plus size clothing but now you can enrich yourself in having the perfect sized dress for any kind of occasion may it be a party or just a casual wear or any other, you can rearrange your wardrobe with the fresh and trendy style and be that sexy person that you always wanted to be.

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Fashion Trends across the World
14 Mar

It indeed seems extremely interesting how the various fashion trends circulate, spread across and repeat in regular intervals. There are many times we see that the trends we follow today, actually hurl back to our previous generations while some are even older beyond. Fundamentally when the designers sit to offer something creative, innovative and new to the market, they churn through the history and come up with a fusion and a cocktail in order to enhance the look, labeling it as new. However it is true to believe that the fashion trends evolve and gyrate around the matching ethics that are further worked upon, enhanced, polished and offered in the market.


We are living in a highly modern and advanced era that offers many options to connect with the entire world around. Internet indeed plays an extremely imperative role in making the entire world get closer and inspire each other. Fashion specifically is a sphere that is highly dominated and influenced across the various countries all over the globe.


Fashion is all about innovation isn’t it?

Yes certainly, the more you experiment with the various trends and get inspired by the cultures and the lifestyles from all over the globe, you get to expand your horizon and experiment with the various unique, inventive and graceful trends that surely make eyeballs pop, everywhere you step out!


Trends come and go, develop during the years and then make a come-back. The web has made it extremely easy for fashionistas to hunt for the most stirring and innate fresh fashion styles that are adopted by various celebrities, common people and are further adapted all across the globe.


However it is true to believe that each of the zones, countries, regions etc have their own pleasant, peculiar and distinctive fashion trends that are striking and gorgeous enough to be able to inspire and motivate the others to follow them, experiment with the various styles, trends and modes towards looking awesome, unique, chic and trendy all at the same time.


Fashion trends definitely speak a lot of the cultural eminence derived from a particular region, while the trends are extremely popular and spread out on a large scale, enabling people from all over the globe to try those out and re-create similar magic, even if their location is thousands of miles apart.


Media, the film industry, travelling and the fact that the world around is shrinking, leaving no scope for a divergence. This is a huge reason that enables people to get easy access to various fashion trends from all across the globe and create their very own style; be it make-up trends, clothes, designs, colors and what not!


So, step out from our own niche, try out the world at your reach, experiment, re-create, get glamorous and get trendy!


Adapt and be open and receptive enough to indulge into various innovative and splendid fashion trends to sway you off your feet and spread the word of magic all around you!


The world around is getting smaller to explore. All you need is the zeal to create your wardrobe that is inspired from various fabulous trends from all over the world that would not just look good, but would also make you enriched with a best from the various cultures, make you create a forte, a wardrobe that is simply revolutionary and awe-inspiring.


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